Art Must Be Personal.

Art Must Be Personal.

I know most people feel more comfortable searching art via famous galleries- online or offline, just because "this is a trusted platform".

Well, it is understandable, but on the other side, then you trust the platform, not the artist, so what is the point in buying art then? In this case you make profit basically to the platform you chose, not the artist, who has created the piece you liked. You do not build any relationship with the artist, you probably won't ask too many questions about artwork and definitely not ask the artist for help with your interior, choosing the right artwork for You.

It is pricey. And again, the profit goes to the gallery, and nowadays they don't do much work to represent artists. They don't know them, unless they are ALREADY famous, so again, it is profitable for the platform to represent.

What the gallery does is simply taking care of your safe payment and taking up to 60% commission from artist. So in this case, money wise, you are not winning, nor the artist who has created the wonderful piece You chose.

Let me tell you, I have done a lot of research and was super excited to work with famous online galleries, but soon realized it was not what I really wanted. I don't want to charge you more for the artwork, only because of the commission that platform takes for the representation.

I don't want to sell artwork without any personal note. Any personal touch at all. My art is personal, I like helping with question like framing, choosing the right size for your interior, mood and colors, your personality. It all matters.

This is why I love Custom artworks most- that personal touch, combination of Your personality and dreams and my ability to feel and understand it, take it to the canvas.



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