The Story

The Story


Hello World! My name is Olga. I am a professional artist working in several mediums and combining quite a few styles and techniques in my work.
I could never settle with one theme and style- and don't believe an artist should be punished for being diverse in their work.
I'd like to say that my work is a smooth blend of art and fashion. Below I will explain why so.

Early days


I liked drawing since I could remember myself. But for a long time I was into a simple grey pencil, perfectioning my technique. My first attempt to oil paint was at 15. Since then, I could not imagine abandoning this medium. So here you probably realized how naturally the name Oilzart came to my mind- Olga Zadoroznaja (yes, my surname is a pain to pronounce so dont even bother ) , who works with oil. Simple as that.

But of course, as an artist, I always wanted more - So gradually, with years of work I introduced all the other mediums into my work, step by step. And it is so much fun to play around with whatever that can be found in my studio- you never know where the next artwork leads you. Unexpected result are always exciting.

I still remember how in my kindergarten years teacher would ask us whom do you want to become when you grow up? -  I wanted to be either and artist or a policeman :)
It's a rebel inside me that always wanted some action in life. But also a calm artist who can lock in studio for days. When I was a teen, still could see myself being an artist, but you hear all these stories how artists starve and have no work these days. And you start believing it. So with my love for fashion and style, after school I studied Image Design, to become a stylist. And saw it as a creative opportunity to combine things that I liked and still being in a creative field.

But if I'm being honest, I was not the happiest kiddo in uni and I expected much more from it. It killed my passion for quite a few years and just a few days after graduation (which I barely achieved) I moved to London, having no idea what the future holds for me.

Years of searching

Time went by and first two years there were not easy on me. I was not creating at all. Did not paint much, did not believe I can do it anymore.
So I started working office jobs, which I hated. It caused migraines and frankly, I was never a worker of the year. I would be the last to come and first to leave. At that point my life felt so pointless I could not see any light at the end of a tunnel.

It was 1st of January 2018. I woke up at 4 in the morning and just suddenly felt the urge to grab a canvas. For the first time in a year or so. I created my first ever abstract painting. I never did abstract art before but it was so emotional and vulnerable. Bold red color, whic I always thought was a color of my energy, filled the canvas. I took another canvas and did that one in swirling green. I called it "Spring Melody". I think it was the work that made me believe in myself again.

I started painting again and gradually went part-time, once I started having small sales here and there. Without my partners support, I wouldn't be able to do it. He always believed in me, even when I didn't. And for that I am beyond grateful.

When Covid pandemic hit, I left my job and pursued art. Isolation did work well for me as I could paint a lot. Thats when I really experimenting with my personal style, mediums, evolving techniques and just finding myself.

At that point I was already in peace with my experience in University and past mistakes, but still did not feel like myself. So my love for style and fashion came back and I started painting women and fashion illustrations.

But, I struggled to make sales. My artworks would sell for as much as I sell Limited edition art prints now. I was ready to find a job again. But then again, between Christmas and New Years, someone reached out to me with proposal of a long term work. At the time it was such an amazing opportunity to keep going. It was not my style and theme, but it paid the bills while still giving me time to do my thing.

NOW is the time

2 years into non-stop work- I worked on really great projects, had many clients who were coming back and finally, rented my own studio near London. Now I am able to really do what I LOVE and what feels authentic. Still experimenting every day, but I am able to express myself through fashion, my personal style, colors that I love and bring joy to peoples lifes. When you have that connection, personal, real connection with your client and they just love your work, it fulfills you and makes you happiest person alive. When you know your work is valued, respected and loved. I finally feel like I am my true self. The abundance I receive from my work is like never before and I am beyond grateful to be able to do what I love the most.


My work is now all about true emotions, genuine love for character, strong women, vulnerability, beauty and lots and lots of colors. I hope my art brings joy and positive emotions into my collectors home. I'm not someone who enjoys art shows or working with galleries- but I love true connection with my clients, knowing them, being able to personally advise and offer art I feel would fit them most.

I am always evolving with my style, but, there is one thing, people say, -my works are very "lively", - I hope this one thing will never change.

Thank you,