Oil'Z Who?

Oil'Z Who?

First of all.. Why Oil'Z? What do I mean by it? 

So hello, my name is Olga :) If you'd ask me, who am I, I would probably got confused. Artist? Well, kind of. It is hard to name yourself this loud. Creative soul, passionate about all kind of visual arts- feels a bit better.

I liked drawing since I could remember myself. But for a long time I was into a simple grey pencil, perfectioning my technique. My first attempt to oil paint was at 15. Since then, I could not imagine abandoning this medium. So here you probably realized how naturally the name Oil'Z came to my mind- Olga Zadoroznaja, who works with oil. Simple as that.

But of course as an artist, it is never enough to work only with one medium- I like using mixed media and techniques, sometimes sketching with pencils, markers, doing watercolour artworks, inks, mixing acrylics and oils, doing digital douches. So when you work full time every single day, you never know where the next piece will lead.


I am a young creator, always having ideas upfront. The purpose of my art is to share the mood of colors, the energy of brush strokes and the passion of my life. There is an idea behind every artwork, the more I work, the more complex my art gets idea wise. I do hope that it can impact society in a good way. There is so much negativity out there in the modern world, I want art to be something that is both relaxing and forgiving, and at the same time showing some social problems, like one of my projects about diversity in modern problem ''Soul Sisters''.

Art is about experimenting with yourself. But there is one thing in common, people say, that my works are very "lively".

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