Art meets sustainable fashion

Art meets sustainable fashion

I have always been passionate about style and fashion. Still remember how I was shopping in thrift stores with my mom when I was about 8, always having an opinion. The women were telling my mom: "what a lady your daughter is!" - meaning that I was very into fashion from such young age. In school, my friend once told me one phrase I could never forget: "Don't you see you can make look good anything that looked ugly". And that meant a lot. Later in the years, as in my teens I never believed I would make a real living being an artist,so I studied Image Design, hoping to become a cool stylist one day. Although, if I am honest, at the time I was quite disappointed with college and realized that being a stylist is not that glamorous at all. Practice showed it was lots of shopping, which wasn't really my thing. I wanted to create. Period.

Lots of things happens in the next few years, becoming a full time artist (childhood dreams. *screaming*) and being so curious naturally, I have tried so many canvas types, painting and drawing mediums, styles and techniques I wouldn't be able to count. But there has always been that one thing. Love for fashion never left me. I could never quite connect it to my art though.

I also wanted my art to have some real purpose. Making a good mark in this world. And then it hit me- yes, I hate sewing, but I can decorate by painting, which is combining best of both worlds to me. So I started looking for clothing supplies to start a collection. I wanted quality. That's how I started digging into sustainable fashion. I was seriously disappointed learning about all the consequences of fast fashion. The climate change, the toxins, pollution and the list is basically endless. It is terrifying. Without collective action there will be no change, but to start a collective action, you need to start from yourself, as unfortunately I cannot deny I am a part of this system. But I am trying to make better choices.

This is how my first collection "Heart Of Stone" was born. I have found amazing ethical brands to supply organic sustainable clothes. And the best part is that I do not have to make any waste, as each garment is made to order. The Art was applied by me, in my studio. So this is 100% sustainable organic clothes.

Few months later (yes, I cannot ever stop creating), I have started not just applying stickers of existing art on clothes, but painting on them by hand, creating one of a kind pieces. Offering such pieces could lead to small business collaborations, to sustainable living awareness and making a good impact on fashion.

I do hope that this part of my art world will grow and make a good impact. Every sale would make a change, because instead of buing fast fashion, where people are seriously underpaid and working in unhealthy conditions with toxins, it is a green choice with original design which no one else would have but You. We have to start with ourselves.