MADS Milano Exhibition- LOVE MY BODY

MADS Milano Exhibition- LOVE MY BODY

A little late with this post- but I am so excited my artwork is a part of this amazing exhibition.

Here Art Curator talks about my art:


“Fresh eyes are needed, free from any prejudice. Fortunately, art has a great gift, that of being inexhaustible. It's a
never-ending process, in which you never stop learning”. (Fernando Botero)
Freedom of expression represents a fundamental and unequaled right, a conquest that man, and even more the female gender, has won after countless conflicts and injustices."

What I believe is that nowadays- no matter if a woman is tall or short, skinny or curvy, we all have some insecurities. I myself know how important it is to love and be comfortable with yourself. My artwork is named- "Cosmic Energy" , which actually means that when you truly love your body, no matter how it looks like, you shine with that special energy. A woman is very powerful when she has it. I am not talking about body positive, or sporty figure, I truly mean the energy. Not the selfish narcissistic love. But that confidence that lights up the whole room. This is what every woman deserves. And social standards should not block it. It is all in our heads, it what makes you wake up in the morning and go conquer the world.

Recently I see a lot of fake, filtered and unnatural photos on social media which makes me feel sad and even angry. I even ask myself where are all the real people? Like, we see all the blurry bright perfected photos, which trigger our minds that if we constantly see it- this is how I should look like. but you should not. Real beauty shines without those filters, it has imperfections which make you unique and interesting. perfection is boring. Your energy matters- you cannot edit the energy for social media. It is real and it honest part of ourselves, it should be positive. with positive mindset starts true love for your body.